Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Year, New Beginnings.....

Well we're already a month into 2011 (honestly where does time go these days!) and I'm busy getting ready for my daughter to return back to school (Tas schools return mid-Feb as we only have a 3 term school year) for her first year of being there full time! Eeek! I swear that it was only yesterday that she was a baby!

At the moment there are quite a few changes going on with The Little Wise Owl (TLWO), the biggest one is that we've had a whole new logo design implemented thanks to the lovely Nicole from LBM Designs. She has also changed the look of our blog so it all matches in. :) Behind the scenes my office/sewing room/shoebox (my bathroom is bigger than my office!) is having an overhaul....my lovely fiance has been busy sanding/varnishing the floorboards and painting. He has painted 2/4 walls atm....here is a sneak peek at the feature walls (for those of whom don't know already - I LOVE the colour purple, this shade is called Dr Who...which is quite cool because I'm also a bit of a Dr Who fan too....) Oh....and whilst the picture if rather boring.....It is virtually impossible to take a picture of my office because it is so small! But it's MY space so size really doesn't matter.....right? ;)

I have quite a few other ideas/plans in the works that I hope to share with you really soon. ;)

On that note...I will leave you with an image of some gorgeous fabric that arrived today that you may see on a creation very, very soon.....can you guess what the creation will be? ;)

Until next time.....

Em x

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