Friday, February 11, 2011

New FB Settings - You don't need to "re-like" pages under your business profile in order to tag!

Okay so a few things have changed in FB land today for business pages. Finally we can get notifications! Now I've noticed a vast number of businesses saying that they have to "re-like" pages in order to tag....well no you don't. There is a way around it...check out the pics below. :)

Click on Edit Page on the top right hand corner of your business page.

Make sure the box is ticked which says: Always comment and post on your page as "insert business name" even when using Facebook as "insert personal profile page name".

Tag as normal.....(just a bit of cheap advertising for another group that I'm part of...hehe)

And hey presto! The tag comes up as it always did and all this time I was signed in under my personal profile not my business need to run around "reliking" pages under your business page unless you want to separate your news feeds or you want to comment on somebody's page with your business page name. :)

I hope this has helped!!

Until next time.....(I promise this will be the last blog for today!)

Em x

Ps. All the pages you previously "liked" aren't lost, they are attached to your personal profile ;)


  1. Love the blog thanks will share it with our groups now :)

  2. Can you please clarify something - does this enable me to comment on other people's pages as my business name... or just my own page? Thx

  3. If you're logged in under your business page (if you've clicked the link on the right hand side of the screen) and you go to another business page then yes you will comment as your business. You can only do this on business pages not personal profiles. If that makes sense?