Friday, February 11, 2011

Double Ouch: Exercise and Sunburn!

As part of this being a new year (yes I'm a month late....I Xmas time I was sure that we were still back in June so I've caught up a little bit!), I've decided to try and do some exercise (well some is better than the none that I've been doing for been doing for quite some time!) and eat less crappy foods in the hope that I can lose some weight! I'm not overweight by any means but I am approx. 6kg heavier than what I was at this time last year and my BMI is currently 25 which is on the brink of the healthy to overweight range.

So what I've done is enlisted a friend from my day job to come with me once a week and to help hold myself accountable, no excuses to not exercise! Yesterday was our first walk and it was fair 4km with uphills and downhills through the scenic Cataract Gorge. Yesterday was a pleasant 22-23 degrees and it was overcast and just raining on and off whilst we were walking. I coped with the walk quite well, I wasn't overly tired at the end of it but I could feel the burn in my leg muscles so I must've done some good, pain is good, right?! The pain in my legs and knees didn't get much worse, it was a dull ache for the most of last night....However, my shoulders, arms and chest....well.....they are a nice shade of pink at the moment and a bit tender to touch. It appears that even though it was overcast and there was no sun....I still managed to get sunburnt and didn't even consider that I may need sunscreen! So yesterday I made the discovery that one should always slip, slop and slap during the summer regardless of the weather! I obviously wasn't paying too much attention to the ad campaigns in my youth....

On that note....I'm off to apply some more aloe vera to my sunburn and to start getting ready for tonight's sale!

Until next time...

Em x

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