Friday, February 11, 2011


Last year I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and as a result of that we went hunting for information on how to manage it as the side effects from it include weight gain, fertility issues and being at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes (for more info. on PCOS click here). As a result of our research we came across some information that by following a Low GI diet that it would help manage the symptoms and hopefully result in weight loss etc. (for more info. on what the Glycemic Index is, click here).

Before the diagnosis, I was very bloated and uncomfortable, so bloated to the point that I had numerous people presume that I was pregnant and ask me when I was due and the worst part about that was that we were trying to conceive a baby. There were even a couple of occasions when we believed that we were pregnant because my period went missing for a few months which had only ever happened when I had been pregnant previously, otherwise I had a regular, normal cycle each month. We believe that the PCOS was always there but I hadn't had any issues with fertility etc. until I suddenly started gaining weight last year and that weight gain has kicked it into motion, like flicking a switch I guess. My weight had always been fairly steady and I was able to get back to the size I was prior to falling pregnant in both cases. We're hoping that if I can reverse the process and lose some weight that it might mean things will go back to normal and we may have success in conceiving that baby. Hence the exercise regime and diet ;)

When following the Low GI diet, I feel less lethargic, less bloated and overall much healthier. When I've eaten crappy foods I can tell that my body is not happy with it because I feel unhealthy and bloated within a matter of hours. It has been a battle to change the eating habits of my family (particularly my partner who loves white bread and thinks that some of the meals that I cook taste TOO healthy!) but by just substituting things in our diet it's not a huge dramatic change (for example, I use honey instead of sugar, wholemeal flour instead of white and put rolled oats in my muffins). Just making sure that we're consuming less processed sugars (which is hard for somebody like myself whom has a sweet tooth!), and eating more fruit and vegetables, more whole grains etc. Anyway, I will be adding posts from time to time of Low GI healthy recipes of things that I make that my family enjoy and I hope that you and your family will enjoy them too!

Until next time....

Em x

P.S. If you're after some more information about Low GI and PCOS drop me an email and I can pass on some of the information that I have gathered.

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