Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wow! 200 Fans - Must be time to Celebrate! :)

Good Morning!

Wow! 200 fans! Thanks so much for your support everybody! It’s hard to believe that in a month that we have come so far!
I think that this gives us a reason to celebrate So how about a sale? The sale will happen on Friday night 18/6 from 7.30pm. I’ll upload an album sometime through Friday so you can have a sneak peek. The sale will run from Friday night until Monday night 21/6.

I’ve had a lot of new materials arriving in the post lately and still more to come. I’ve just ordered some fabric to make some Princess themed play mats. I can’t wait until it arrives!! Our change mats are also going to have a slight design change and will include a layer of PUL to make them waterproof, I’m just waiting for the PUL to arrive. It should be here any day now! I’ve also got a few new ideas in the making, just trying to work out a few kinks and hopefully I will be able to share them with you soon!

We’ve been a bit quiet the past few weeks because it’s been school holidays here in Tassie but my eldest went back to school this morning so I’m ready to get back to it and start creating bows and other bits and pieces.

Our website is almost finished. My partner has unfortunately come down with the flu and has been having issues with his asthma so that has set us back a little bit. Fingers crossed it will be ready to go live in a few weeks or so.

Don’t forget that I can do custom orders! I’ve just finished a custom order of “Cupcake Cloths” for The Cupcake Fairy. Check out the picture below.

This blogging caper is hard work! Better get back to the sewing machine!

Until next time.

Em x