Monday, October 3, 2011

Renovations + Time for a break...

Me - 33 Weeks Pregnant

Hello! :D

It's been quite sometime since my last blog post, about 8 months it seems. Wow....a lot has happened in that 8 month period!
As most of you know (I have been yabbering on about it for the past 8 months!) we're expecting our baby boy in 3 weeks and also we're starting to renovate our kitchen/house today! Yep....great time to do it, I know....36 weeks pregnant and all! So bubba may just make an appearance earlier than expected! Which reminds me, I really should pack that hospital bag!!

As my house has temporarily been turned into a building site and I don't have an office any longer (as part of the renovations it is being turned into a temporary bedroom and eventually will become the new bathroom and the old bathroom will be a 4th bedroom - our current bathroom is HUGE!) I'm taking this all as a big sign that now is the time to take a break from TLWO and focus on getting ready for the baby, not yelling at builders, plasterers, electricians etc.!! I've already removed all stock availability from our website, I will leave a few items up on madeit and if I feel inspired I may add a few new items every now and then. I'm hoping to make a reappearance at some stage towards the end of November/early December ready for Christmas and then I may take another short break, we shall see how we're travelling and if Bubba is easily settled into a routine that works well with my eldest 2 kids!!

Thank you so much for your support this year, I will most certainly be posting pictures of our new addition to the family when he arrives and I will be lurking around ready for a chat/whinge!! :D

Until next time....

Em x

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