Friday, December 3, 2010


Good (Early) Morning!!

Just a quick update.....

Internet Issues:

We are still experiencing internet issues, Telstra have put a work order in to have the ADSL codes (that should never have been removed) put back on the line, they assure us that it is at the top of the list but it may take up to a week to be fixed! Anyway, in the meantime I have limited access to the internet through my iPad during the day (I can check in on our Facebook page and answer e-mails) and of an evening/early morning I can log on with my laptop by tethering it to my fiance's iPhone. Because of how expensive data is on the iPhone, I've been told that I'm not allowed to upload any pictures until our internet is restored which means that the sale that we were in the middle temporarily postponed! You can still purchase items that are already in the sale album.

Custom Orders:

I am still accepting custom orders as I've been left with a vast amount of time on my hands due to limited internet access (who knew it consumed so much time!), cutoff date for custom orders if you require them by Christmas is December 14th!! If you want to place a custom order just send me an email to and let me know what you're after!!

Destash Sales:

I was also planning a destash sale but this has also been postponed, we may hold off on this one until the new year but I'm sure it will be fairly huge by then! I'm also going to be holding destash sales on a different FB page called My Little Fabric Addiction. So pop on over, click "Like" and check out what we have in store. I will also be uploading some items to Craftumi but first dibs will be available on FB! :)

Postage Times:

I am also only posting 2 to 3 times/week at the moment. We are sharing a car at the moment because mine is having airbag issues and I'm not comfortable driving it until that has been fixed. As a result of that, I'm sharing a car with my fiance which means I'm limited in when I can get to the post office etc. I'm going to mostly be using prepaid satchels/envelopes/stamps in the interim because then I can just wander down the road and pop them in the post box. If you require something registered just be aware that I may not be able to get to the post office for a few days.

Thanks so much for your continued support! We are almost to 1300 likers, I never dreamed that we would have such a huge fanbase when we started out in May. Fingers crossed all our technical difficulties go away soon!

Until next time.....

Em x :)

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