Sunday, January 15, 2012

Photo of the Week - Week 2

Good Afternoon!

This week has been a busy week with the three munchkins. I also received a new camera from my lovely partner as a joint Birthday/Anniversary/Christmas and Valentines Day present. We normally don't give each other gifts or we give each other small gifts on these occasions as invariably throughout the year we find ourselves wanting something "big" that would be outside the normal budget so we lump them all together. Mine was a new Canon EOS 600D :D :D

I've been wanting an EOS for a number of years but I never took the plunge as my existing camera (Canon S5 IS) was adequate for my needs and I couldn't justify spending money on a more expensive camera. I normally always have a camera on me whether it's the camera in my iPhone or my little Canon Ixus 95 IS (yes I am a bit of a brand devotee to Canon cameras!)

Anyway, I'm beginning a new journey with my EOS. I've only been messing around a little bit with it thus far but I'm hoping to get to know it better by just experimenting with it, I could read the manual but where's the fun in that? ;). The beauty of sticking with the same brand of camera is that a lot of the same options/functions carry through all models so I had a fairly good idea of what the presets would do etc. I've never really played with Aperture or Shutter Speed before but that is something that I'm going to experiment with from now on.

As this post is meant to be more about photo's and less about words, without further ado, here is my photo for this week.

Master H in all of his cheekiness.

This is a photo of my middle child, Master H and I feel that it captures his cheekiness beautifully. It was also the first photo I took on the new camera straight out of the box! This photo has been edited to remove a few remnants of food from his face and also he was really wrinkly around the eyes as he always scrunches his eyes up when you take pictures of his! So yes my son has now been photoshopped to remove these!!

Anyway until next time!

Em x

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