Thursday, January 26, 2012

A New Name

Happy Australia Day!!

As mentioned a bit over a week ago, we're undergoing a name change for a few reasons. By the end of March we will be totally renamed at Pikkulapsi (which means Small Child in Finnish and draws upon my family history and heritage).

First and foremost it is because we want to be a bit more unique. When I started up The Little Wise Owl in May 2010, I didn't do a lot of research into the name (my bad! And I've learnt from that lesson!) and my research consisted of....did the domain name exist (nope), did the page name exist on Facebook (nope) therefore it would be okay to use that name! I didn't do an extensive google search, I didn't search the Aust Business Register to see if it had been registered. So off I went on my merry way creating things and promoting myself under the name The Little Wise Owl. Now if you search the Aust Business Registry for Little Wise Owl or The Little Wise Owl, you a number of hits ranging from little owl, little wise, little wise owl, wise owl, little blue owl etc. Let's just say that it's very, very popular to be little, an owl and wise ;) And the google search....well let's just say that there are A LOT!!

A few months into my new business I got a lovely and very polite email from another little wise owl whom was a seller on Madeit and had registered the name little wise owl as a business in Victoria. It was agreed that I could keep doing my little business under the existing name, I needed to just modify it slightly for Madeit in order to avoid confusion for her existing customers and any potential new ones and because at that stage I had no intention of extending further than my Facebook page and my website with an occasional listing on Madeit that worked fine. Every few months I would mention to my partner "I should think of a new name for TLWO..." and I would throw a few ideas at him and he didn't seem entirely impressed by them so we continued on as normal.

Fast forward to 2012 and the situation has changed slightly. Due to Facebook changes and there not being as much activity through my little page anymore (despite following the helpful advice passed on by various business pages, I've struggled with trying to get my posts to appear in news feeds and I feel like we've been disappearing along with a lot of other of my own favourite businesses whom I only keep up with these days by looking at the list that I've created with all of them safely tucked away on!) Anyway I've decided to try a new way to market myself and the products that I make with listing more items on Madeit and attending Markets etc. and eventually down the track I may like to register my business name. And there are no businesses registered in Australia under the name Pikkulapsi! YET!!

It is a gamble to create a new page, a huge one! I currently have 2170-ish likers on The Little Wise Owl, I've got a bit under 80 that have come across already to the new page. But I feel like it is a journey that I have to make in order to recreate my little business, I was feeling very stagnated and uninspired for most of last year but I do feel reinvigorated again and that my creativity has returned!

Anyway enough of my ramble, these are just a few of my reasons for starting again and renaming. Yes it is slightly crazy, yes it's a huge gamble but hey...let's see where this journey takes us!!

As such, I would love it if you would "like" our new page. You can find us on Facebook at: 

Until Next Time....

Em x

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