Friday, May 28, 2010

New Products! :)

Good Morning!! :)
Today, I'm a bit excited. The main reason is that my inner apple geek is very excited about the release of the iPad in Australia this morning! And as part of that excitement, I have been developing a new product to list on our facebook store. I've made a case/slip to put the iPad in to protect it from getting scratched or damaged and it can be custom made in a range of gorgeous designer fabrics that you can view in the fabrics folder on our Facebook page.

One that I've thrown together as an example can be seen below.

The iPad covers are made from 100% Cotton and are fully lined with a bit of padding provided by Bamboo batting. If they get dirty, you can just throw it in the washing machine, line dry it and it's right to go again. :) I'm also able to make a laptop sleeve which looks exactly the same as this but is made the specifications of your laptop, the laptop sleeves can either be side opening, or end opening and will be finished with a flap that is secured with a button or velcro.

I was hoping to be able to post a picture this morning with my iPad inside the cover, but
at present it still hasn't turned up! :( I will no doubt post a picture later on.

Also, this week I've been making baby change mats that are made from 100% cotton designer fabrics and feature two layers of bamboo batting which is a very thirsty fabric but also a great antibacterial agent! The reason why I decided to make a baby change mat is that I remember using a bunny rug or a really awful plastic mat that was attached to my nappy bag when we were out and about. I really didn't like putting my babies down on those public toilet change tables and I really wish that I had something like the baby change mats that I've recently made, don't know why I didn't think about making them then! Anyway, the baby change mats are easy to wash, just throw them in the washing machine and line dry them. I've also been experimenting using Minky dot as a backing for the change mat. The great thing about them is that you can fold them up or roll them up and they don't take up much room at all! An example of one of our change mats can be seen below

We also have play mats available that can be custom made in a fabric of your choice. They are also made from 100% cotton designer fabrics and feature two layers of bamboo batting that make them very soft for your baby to lie on or your toddler to play on. They also can be just tossed in the washing machine and dried on the line if they get dirty and they also fold down to virtually nothing so they're
great to take out and about or if you're short on storage space (like we are) they don't take up much room. I recently made a play mat for my son who is turning
3 on Saturday and it was made with a Car track fabric that I found. I made it as a foldable car mat that we can take away on holidays with us or when we're going visiting and whatnot.
Pictures of that mat can be found below

Also this week we reached 100 fans!! Thanks so much for your support! I'm in the process of
planning a bit of a celebration for when we reach 150 fans and also a sale, possibly early next week.

Anywho, my little boy turns 3 tomorrow and I have a birthday party to get ready for!

Until next time....

Em x